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Click Spin the light after you set how much money you want to spend for each cell.

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Light Works is a game that spins to win. The rule is simple, you only need to set the how much money you want to spend for each cell from 1 to 9 and click on "Spin the light" and wait for the result.

Each number represent for 9 times X dollar, E.G. you set $100 for cell number 9, $50 for cell number 8, after you spin, if the light stops at number 9 then you will win $900(win 900%). Pretty easy ha!

There are only 9 cells available (from 1 to 9), however there are 10 spinning lights on the spinning table, you cannot set amount on number 0, if the light stop at number 0 then you won't be rewarded any money that you bet on the rolling board.


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