We are sorry to announce that the Weekly Reward Program for Head-or-Tail md5 game will be discontinued. We will notify you when the program is resumed. Thank you!
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Next Game Hash: 6c1b8904b33ef10cf9d663e6ceff8f3a
Choose whether the next coin flipped return HEAD or TAIL!
Click any button to bet and you can win 195% of your spend if your bet is right!
What's Next Game Hash?

When you play HEAD or TAIL, our system show the winning face BEFORE you begin to play, and displays the result on the page in an encrypted way, called Next Game Hash, for example e3d609a53bfe3c59db30813e6a65273a (It means that we had your result before you place your choice).

For each game we generate a randomized key, of 26 characters long, for example 4f68e3a6f93bf4208457634aa7, then we organize the winning face and the key like this: HEAD/4f68e3a6f93bf4208457634aa7 or TAIL/4f68e3a6f93bf4208457634aa7 and we calculate the MD5 hash of this string. In our example, the MD5 hash of TAIL/4f68e3a6f93bf4208457634aa7 is 41799624d9e08e4552843c32aa96fc4b, so the results of the game must be HEAD.

MD5 is a strong encryption algorithm that cannot be broken today and where each MD5 string matches with one unique non encrypted string. You can find MD5 generators here.

After you flip the coin, we disclose the winning face with the key, and you can verify that their MD5 hash exactly match with the data that was published BEFORE you played.

That is the proof that WE PLAY FAIR, none cheating anyone.


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