We are sorry to announce that the Weekly Reward Program for Head-or-Tail md5 game will be discontinued. We will notify you when the program is resumed. Thank you!
Week: 20
Date: 13/05/2019 - 19/05/2019
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Game HT MD5 Game HT 220 Game Light Game Dice

Jackpot play?

Good luck to you!
Next Game Hash: 20745a7fcac5beca7f23a96ca7ec51ca
Control of non-interference
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Table of win
(x100) (x50) (x30) (x20) (x10)
(x5) (x3) (x2) (x1.5) Lose (x0)
What's Jackpot

When you play the game, if you select Jackpot Play before roll the machine, $0.1 will be added to Jackpots Reward and your account's balance decrease $0.1, then you have a change to win total Jackpots Amount.

How to win?

If you selected Jackpot play before roll the machine and the results of the game is 7Lucky/7Lucky/7Lucky (Three number Seven), you will win the Jackpot Amount

What's Next Game Hash?

When you play LUCKY SLOTS 777, our system show the winning result BEFORE you begin to play, and displays the result on the page in an encrypted way, called Next Game Hash, for example 3b7f5928ca8044850e38b104d756ddac (It means that we had your result before you place your choice).

For each game we generate a randomized key, of 26 characters long, for example Sa1pqY3dZakF5WWpVeU5HVTV, then we organize the winning result and the key like this: 7Lucky/7Lucky/7Lucky-Sa1pqY3dZakF5WWpVeU5HVTV and we calculate the MD5 hash of this string. In our example, the MD5 hash of 7Lucky/7Lucky/7Lucky-Sa1pqY3dZakF5WWpVeU5HVTV is 3b7f5928ca8044850e38b104d756ddac, so the results of the game must be 7Lucky/7Lucky/7Lucky.

MD5 is a strong encryption algorithm that cannot be broken today and where each MD5 string matches with one unique non encrypted string. You can find MD5 generators here.

After you roll the machine, we disclose the winning result with the key, and you can verify that their MD5 hash exactly match with the data that was published BEFORE you played.

That is the proof that WE PLAY FAIR, none cheating anyone.
Week: 21
Date: 20/05/2019 - 26/05/2019
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